Starting Fresh

starting-freshI’ve been running another blog since 2005, and it’s time for something fresh.

The other blog is very focused, and has a slightly academic slant to it.  It’s serious.  I try to say things that are meaningful, and might make a difference to the people who read it.  It’s kind of didactic, to be honest.  And it’s about one thing.

All of that has been very rewarding.  I’ve made lots of friends and gained recognition.  Even my boss thinks it’s hot stuff.

But in recent years I’ve found myself wanting to branch out a bit.  I guess it comes from the habit of writing, of knowing that I have a platform from which to speak.  But the defined focus of my blog means that there are lots of ideas that never get written up.  Hence, this, my other blog.

I’ve recently finished re-reading Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, and it blew me away this time in a manner than none of my previous attempts at reading it did.  I felt I understood it this time, although I know that there’s much that still eludes me.  Part of me felt that simply being old enough to have sufficient experience of the world to appreciate Proust’s themes was important.  And that led me directly to thinking about my own past, about the days of my youth, as the saying goes.  Meditations and memories.  I expect that will be a big part of what I write about as I move forward.  Encountering and revisiting books, music, art, films.  What they mean to me now and, perhaps, what they meant then, and the difference between the two.

But despite these retrospective musings, this feels like a new beginning.  Like spring and serendipity.  I shall see what emerges.

Photo credit: mybroetchen via Flickr Creative Commons

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