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Tragedy in Practice: Les Atrides

During my senior year in high school, we staged Jean Anouilh’s Antigone; that was, for a long time, my only experience with tragedy on stage.  It would be twenty years before I saw Greek tragedy on stage again; another twenty have … Continue reading

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Tragedy, in Theory

As a student in both undergraduate and graduate programs in Comparative Literature, I was not only unable to avoid Aristotle, I encountered him repeatedly.  I had a trying relationship with the old boy at best.  No matter how many times … Continue reading

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Greek Shorts

I’ve been continuing to indulge my re-awakened fascination with ancient Greece, raiding the library’s stacks for a variety of books to amuse and enlighten me.  Today, a few brief reviews of my peregrinations. After thoroughly enjoying Joan Breton Connelly’s The … Continue reading

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Living With The Mighty Dead

Adam Nicolson’s marvelous new book, The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters (Collins, 2014), was stripped of its title for publication in the United States and released with only its comparatively bald and puny subtitle instead.  Normally, I wouldn’t quibble with … Continue reading

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Arguments of The Parthenon Enigma

In my last post I sketched out the basic argument of Joan Breton Connelly’s book The Parthenon Enigma.  Using the famous frieze as a focal point, Connelly interprets the Parthenon as temple, as a site of religious experience, and not—as … Continue reading

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A Religious Experience of the Parthenon

When H and I first traveled abroad together, thirty years ago, our chosen destination was Greece.  Out of all that the world had to offer, what I wanted to see most was the Athenian Acropolis, with its Parthenon and Erectheion. … Continue reading

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At The British Museum

I made my first visit to London thirty-five years ago and as soon as I had a moment to myself, I dashed off to the British Museum.  Egyptian mummies, winged bulls from Assyria, the Rosetta Stone all awaited me, all … Continue reading

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Horses in Motion

While I was proofreading my post “Encountering Attic Pottery” one more time after putting it online, I stopped to look again at the photograph of the horse racers by the Leagros Group.  It’s hard for me to tell whether this … Continue reading

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Encountering Attic Pottery

I grew up thirty-five miles outside of New York CIty, but almost never saw the streets of Manhattan until I was in my twenties.  My parents were born and raised in Brooklyn and after my father got out of the … Continue reading

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